Wasteland Watchtower Play-set

These aren’t wonderful photos but you get the idea – this is a modified movie projector I labeled with the following when I put it up for sale:

Fully functional Wasteland Watchtower Play-set

– Raise and lower the Mutant Infant in his seat
– Move the telescope to scan for the infected
– Imagine hordes coming for you and your family
– Hours of Fun!

It’s made with all cold connections – meaning it’s bolted down with screws and parts from other machines and the baby’s seat does in fact move up and down on a small toothed bar and a gear that I think came from another device, I really can’t recall, but I was surprised when it fit! You can see the handle behind his head in one of the photos – I think the handle came from a vintage book combiner. I love it when things come together like that.