Maybe All This is…*

Maybe All This is the work of Wes Cribb, a self-taught (thanks, internet!) metalsmith and assemblage tinkerer.

Wes has been a thrift store addict since he was a teen and nearly everything here is made from his finds. Old movie projectors, discarded brass and copper decor, forgotten toys, broken clocks, watches, and more find new life as stand-alone assemblage art or jewelry. Through a lot of trial and error and expert advice (thanks, JFF!)  the result is, hopefully, surprising and interesting new objects from the detritus of the modern world.

Stay tuned as the work evolves – this is all pretty new and who knows where it’s going but the journey will be interesting!

* The phrase Maybe All This is from a poem by the Nobel Prize winning Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska. Her work is a constant source of comfort and inspiration.