The Studio

My work desk is a converted bookshelf. The nice thing about metalsmithing is everything is pretty compact. You don’t need any large tools except perhaps a tank for your torch fuel. I’m currently doing this in our guest room, much to my wife’s chagrin. In my defense, the whole thing can be closed up in minutes and made ready for guests–in theory. In practice as soon as I start on something I tend to spread out all over the whole room whether I really need to or not.

The set up is simple: I installed two retractable shelves on a piece of stair board (it was thicker than the 1xs and had a rounded edge on the front) — the top shelf is a workbench and below is a toolbox with a magnetically attached baking pan. I use that to solder on. I just push the desk back and pull out the second shelf and solder. The magnets holding the baking pan are strong enough that I can’t accidentally knock the tray off but I can still take it off if I need to.  My larger tools are stored in the box below. All in all, it works well – take a look:

Here’s the bookshelf
I pull out the top shelf…
…and get to work.
The solder tray